ICC FTP Server BD List. We accept the Largest accumulating of FTP Servers

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ICC FTP Server BD We accept the Largest accumulating of FTP Servers

FTP servers are air-conditioned acute for how our avant-garde agenda systems work. They advice move files amid computers on a arrangement or over the internet. In this blog post, we’ll allocution about ICC FTP Server BD and all the air-conditioned being it can do to accomplish book alteration easy. Let’s see how it’s alteration the way we move files around! First, let me accommodate you with a huge account of BD Servers. All the links were adapted in November 2023. We fabricated abiding anniversary articulation is working

ICC FTP Servers List

ICC FTP Server                                            Pro Server                                        Movie Server      

Mojaloss FTP                                               Discovery FTP                                 Live TV Server 

Anime Server                                               Dhaka FTP                                       VDO Mela               

BD Server                                                    Live Cricket                                      Nagordola FTP    

FTP BD                                                        Natural BD FTP                                Link3 FTP BD      

Movie Haat                                                  Cinema Bazar                                    Movie Mela        

Alpha Media FTP                                         Bangla Movies                                  Data Server BD         

Game Server                                                 Unique FTP                                      Game Server BD         

Dekhvhai FTP                                               English Movie                                  Ebox FTP             

Roar Zone                                                     Kalponik FTP                                   DB Lan

BUS FTP                                                      Explore FTP                                     Net Code            

Panda Club                                                   Dubbed Movies                                Net Code FTP            

Khulna Plex                                                  S-Flix                                                Alif Laila FTP           

Show Time BD                                             Circle FTP Server                          Discovery Movie Server  

In order to find out which one has the quickest broadband internet connection, let's go deeper and talk more about the ICC FTP server.

Let me inform you in case you're pressed for time: the ICC server now has the best rating and the fastest internet speed.

FTP Server BD: What Is It?

An FTP server is a computer program that runs on a server or computer to enable smooth file transfers between machines connected to a network or via the internet. It makes use of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a common protocol for online file transfers. An FTP server typically allows users to upload and download data by requiring a username and password for login.

various FTP server types

Standalone FTP servers and web-based FTP servers are the two primary categories of BD FTP servers.

FTP servers that operate independently: FTP servers that operate independently are placed on dedicated servers. They are frequently used by web hosting businesses or in corporate settings where large file transfers between servers are involved. Users can tailor standalone FTP servers to meet their unique requirements by having more control over the server's settings and setup.

Web-Based File Transfer Programs (FTP Servers): These are online programs that users can access via web browsers. Small businesses and individuals who need to transfer files but would rather not set up a standalone FTP server are more likely to use them. Because they don't require specific software to be installed on the client's computer, web-based FTP servers are easy to use.

Concerning the ICC FTP Server

The ICC server exhibits excellent performance and a wide range of features. You may use ICC FTP with confidence because of their strong security protocols, which offer protection against unwanted access.

Finding the content they want can be difficult for many users, but the ICC server provides access to a vast array of content. If you use ICC Internet, you can easily watch and obtain anything you want with the help of the ICC FTP server.

IP of the ICC FTP server

The ICC FTP server's IP address is It is the same as the FTP server address for ICC communication. However, as the buttons above show, the IP address for the ICC FTP Server Movies and ICC FTP Server TV are different.


These days, Bangladesh is home to a wide variety of FTP servers. File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is an acronym that allows users to send files to other computers over the Internet. The majority of FTP servers satisfy the amusement demands of their users. For ICC Internet users, ICC FTP is extremely helpful, and all you need to access their ICC server is their IP address.

Features of FTP Servers: ICC FTP Server BD

FTP servers are useful resources for file transfers because of their many features. Among the essential elements are:

  1. File Transfer: Users can easily share files between computers by uploading or downloading them.
  2. Directory Browsing: To make finding and obtaining files easier, FTP servers come with a directory browsing feature.
  3. User Authentication: To guarantee that only authorized users are able to access FTP servers, user authentication is usually required.
  4. Encryption: Secure file transfers are ensured by the support of certain FTP servers for encryption, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

Advantages of FTP Server Utilization

There are several benefits to using FTP servers for file transfers, such as:

  1. Effective File Transfer: Even with huge file sizes, FTP servers enable quick and effective file transfers.
  2. Enhanced Security: Authentication and encryption protocols guarantee users a safe file transfer experience.
  3. Enhanced Cooperation: When multiple users are able to access the same server, they can work together more effectively on shared files.
  4. Reduced Costs: Since files can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, FTP Server BD offers a more affordable option than physical media like CDs or USB drives.


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